The BISTROT ZEBRA, and are available at all times six types of desserts.

Please enjoy the sweets made with carefully selected materials.

Most of recommended, Africa donut 

You Yes kneaded the cardamom into a donut of the rod-shaped.

・Creme brulee

Spain birthplace of desserts using only egg yolk, milk, cream and sugar.

You put out by scorching the surface just before.

・Gateau chocolat

Using a fine couverture tablet, standard dessert.

・Chiffon cake

Traditional British dessert.

Fine-grained fabric is characterized. You can faintly caramel aroma.

Today's mousse

In a smooth mousse, and Yes using the delicious food that was purchased at that time.

・African donut (our most recommended!)

Eaten in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa donut.

It is crowded mix, aroma of cardamom is characterized.

・American cherry tart (Limited)

The rich of almond dough, was baked by kneading the dry American cherry.

Because it is a limited quantity, as soon as possible.

Lunch at the time at +300 yen, one article and after-dinner drink from the above sweets you can choose.

400 yen with ice cream separately.

Dinner course of Suites also, please choose from the above.