Also you can offer Halal cuisine. (Per person ¥ 3,000 to 10 people ~)
When use of, you will book give me until a week ago.

Lunch comes with all the appetizers three and soup.
You can choose the main one dish from among the seven.
If you are booking, if you pre-tell the main, you can offer to smooth.

French main four,

scallops millet rice risotto

Today's meat cuisine

(Bread or rice)

Today's fish cuisine

(Bread or rice)

Today's pasta dishes

Main three African cuisine,

◆ African stew

Tomato-based seafood or vegetables are in the stew.

The combined eating, couscous or rice.

Please in your favorite combination!

◆ Berber lunch

Plate in daily of African stew and couscous, I will Yes served with grill and thin bread of meat.

◆Alligator Grill and Africa spring roll

Says part brick Tunisia of spring roll and rice, I have been incorporated into one dish the meat of the grill.

Desserts are also substantial, you can choose from among the six types of homemade sweets.

(In the lunch time I can add drinks and desserts with additional 300 yen)

Drink, please choose from the coffee,Kenya tea herbal tea, Rooibos.

(Additional 200 yen only lunch time drink)